Top 10 Wineries of Greece

If our 2 wine tours to Greece proved one thing, it’s that Greek wines are due the respect of serious winelovers. 10 years ago I would have been hard pressed to select our 10 top wineries in Greece, much less find 10 wineries to even consider. That’s how fast and how much things have changed.

vines Santorini

Above: Birds’ nest shaped vines in Santorini. Weaving vines in this unique basket shape and keeping the fruit inside helps to protect the grapes from heavy wind and abrasive volcanic soil particles.

Unfortunately consumer perceptions of Greece have been slow to change. Stigmatized by the legacy of Retsina, consumers have been slow in forgiving Greece this unfortunate wine. OK, I’ll grant that there are some modern day versions of Retsina that are more than palatable, and also that on certain occasions with certail cuisine, Retsina may be a good pairing. But there are so many, many more wineries and winemakers who are worthy of lavish praise that we won’t spend anytime wasted on Retsina, but rather on that new wave of winemakers that is leading the vanguard that will pull Greece into the top echelons of wine making in the world.

The good news about Greek wine making starts up North in Thessaloniki and continues south through Larissa all the way to the Peloponnese, and onward to the islands of Santorini and Crete. One remarkable phenomenon is that there are no huge wineries as you might find in Italy or Spain and many are family run.

So here then are our top 10 wines in Greece; try any of the wines from these producers and a whole new perspective and appreciation will open up for you.

Wine Lovers Top 10 Wines of Greece

  1. Gavalas Vinsanto – if you try one Vinsanto, make it this one
  2. Dougos Rapsani Old Vines
  3. Skalani Hills Kotsfali and Syrah 2012
  4. Manousakis Nostos Blend 2015
  5. Skouros Megas Oenos any vintage, especially 2008
  6. Apostolos Thymiopoulos Naoussa Earth and Sky 2016
  7. Lyrarakis Dafni
  8. Domaine Sigalas 7 Villages, great expressions of Assyrtiko from the Master
  9. Biblia Chora White Olivos 2016
  10. Gerovassiliou Malagousia, from the Master of this grape

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