The last time we were in Greece in 2010 I may have been harder pressed to find 10 wines to list in a Top 10 Wines of Greece. But 8 years later, what an improvement! I had to cull among many worthy contestants. And the improvement is evident throughout the country: from the north to the south as well as the islands.

Lyrarakis Winery

Group photo with Caterina Lyrarakis

The area that has gained the most notoriety is Santorini but Crete produces many outstanding wines from many stellar wineries and of course Theyseloniki in the north and the Peleponese are known major wine areas with top producers.

So what do we recommend as the best wineries to visit when you’re in Greece? Here they are…

Top 10 Wineries to Visit in Greece:

  1. Gavalas – old school winery and philosophy
  2. Diamantakas Naoussa – If you can find it, a great bucolic, authentic winery visit
  3. Thanous Dougas – a hands on personal touch winery
  4. Scalani Hills Boutari – a must see Crete winery
  5. Gaia– a must visit Santorini winery by the water, rustic but great wines
  6. Domaine Skouras – father and son Nemea winery, great food and wines
  7. Lyrarakis – two brothers created a world class winery visit on Crete
  8. Domaine Sigalas – if you only visit 1 winery on Santorini, this is it!
  9. Biblia Chora – this winery will blow your mind, a paradise in the middle of no where
  10. Gerovassiliou – hands down, our best visit! Museum, restaurant, and superb wines- do not miss it if you are in Thessaloniki

How to Best Explore the Wineries of Greece:

The best way to experience these wineries is to start in Thessaloniki and work your way to Athens, then sail or fly to Crete and Santorini. The country and typography are vast though, so it can get complicated to plan. We make it easy for you as we’ll be returning to Greece with three new tours Northern Greece, Peloponnese & Central Greece and the Greek Island of Santorini. If you can’t join us then, we at Wine Lovers would be delighted and honored to plan your trip for you. Give us a call at 203.469.4218 and ask for Anastasia or click here to request more info.

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