Surprising Result of a Recent Blind Sparkling Wine Tasting

At our December wine dinner event, we featured a tasting of 8 sparkling wines served blind during the course of dinner.

At the end I asked people to select their favorite wine out of the 8 wines we had tasted. There were 2 French wines, including a very nice Champagne, a high end Italian and decent wines from California and Spain.

The #3 wine was the Louis Roederer Estate from California, which I commented had the yeasty, fruity tell tale signs of a French style.The wine is priced at $30.

The #2 wine was the Champagne, produced by Jacques Picard at $44 a bottle.My comments indicated a yeasty full body and I identified it as a Champagne. It was my #1 selection.

But 10 people, out of 29 participants, picked a wild card, the Gusbourne from England, the highest priced wine of the evening at $57. As if to justify our blind results, an article in the December 24, 2018 edition of the NY Times extols Gusbourne as the top sparkling wine producer in England!

Gusbourne was one of the first British producers to prove that great sparkling wines can come out of


Gusbourne, our top winner

England. But there are others that are just as good, and probably priced less, and available in the States.

Look and ye shall find and you’ll surprise, and maybe impress, your guests with a bottle of British bubbly.

Happy New Year!

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