Retsina Update: A Wine to Try or to Avoid?

Eric Asimov’s recent article in the NY Times on the topic of Retsina inspired me to do a revisit of the wines we tasted on our Greece tours in 2018. I will admit I did not go out of my way to try Retsina but we were served  Retsina during one of our visits.

Gaia, one of most important wine names in Santorini and Greece, served us their Retsina.Although I was


not overwhelmed by the wine, my notes indicate that I found it a pleasant experience: ‘new world version of Retsina, called Ritinitis Nobilis, from the Roditis grape- mildly resinated, with a refreshing balance of

pine and citrus flavors.’ A rereading of my blog for that day indicates that there were other wines that deserved my attention.

And prior to our Greece tours, I wrote another blog specifically on Retsina, where again I was not too flattering.

But Eric Asimov’s compelling arguments extolling Retsina made me pause and want to reconsider. I’ll try to get some of the bottles he writes about and try them with a clear and unbiased head.

If you have any experiences with Retsina or would like to share some thoughts on the topic, I would love to receive them. You can write to me at


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