Top Things To Worry About When Travelling

Our instantaneous news outlets can and will distort what we should really worry about when traveling abroad.

Terrorism, plane crashes- these are awful but thank goodness, they are relatively rare in the big scope of things.

Rather we should worry about more mundane problems which we are more likely to encounter anywhere you travel in the world.

In my personal experience, I remember one of our tours to a South American country (not Chile or Argentina) when I got sick from drinking the water and had to go on medication. Or the time our group got surrounded by little kids in Milan trying to distract us and our tour guide luckily realized what was happening and scared them away.

For these suggestions, I am indebted to a recent blog by Wendy Perrin.

Drive carefully on your way to the airport.
Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of death of Americans overseas.


Pickpoclets love this

Look both ways before crossing the street.
This is especially true in the UK

Leave valuables at home.
Unless you’ve been invited to a gala, you’ll be better advised not to bring expensive jewelry or electronics with you.

Use your in-room safe.
Store your passport in it. Leave the Do Not Disturb sign on your hotel room door when you’re not in the room.

Use trustworthy Wi-Fi.
Carry your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot rather than logging into free Wi-Fi on the street.

Watch out for scam artists.
In big cities, pickpockets  prey on tourists, especially in crowded areas. Clothing with internal zippered pockets, or a neck pouch, are a good way to keep cash and credit cards safe as you walk around and sightsee. If you’ll be carrying a handbag, use a cross-body one.

You can learn about Wendy and her Wow List here.

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