5 Islands Waiting to be Discovered

I was immediately attracted by the title of a recent WSJ article (7/6-7, 2019) called “Isle Be Waiting.”

The topic was 5 Mediterranean islands that are great visits for several reasons: great food, accommodations and free from maddening crowds.. And the amazing

Don’t go here; see below for alternative

thing is that we have already been to 2 of the islands, and soon we will will have been to 3.

OK, we haven;t been to Djerba, Tunisia, and probably never will, frankly because it’s not wine producing. Our test for a great destination is wine, food and culture, and Tunisia may have all the other attributes, but lacks wine.

And Naxos, one of the Greek Cyclades islands, is known for figs and olive trees, but not wine, so stick with Crete and of course, Santorini, if you go in March before tourist season.

Now for the islands we’ve visited with groups: Prvic in Croatia and Mazzorbo, near Venice. All of Croatia is like Italy was 20/30 years ago, but hurry up because the

world of wine lovers is learning about Croatia. Mazzorbo is an anomaly because although it is a hop and a skip away from touristy Venice, practically knows about this island, and it’s actually on a vaporetto stop.

And where will 15 lucky wine lovers be headed this October? To the 5th island mentioned in the article: Salina, part of the 7 island archipelago of the  Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily, itself an island.

We’ll be visiting 3 of the wineries (I believe there are only 3 anyway) and their claim to fame is the Malvasia. We will get around by ferry boat from island to island and so it will be an adventure and a great experience. Watch for our blogs starting October 16, live from Italy.

Dorona served at the 1 star Michelin restaurant

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