Aeolian Adventures: Day 2 Volcano on Fire

By October 22, 2019Aeolian Islands

Today was a day of adventure. We started with a tour of the island which made us appreciate not only its beauty but also the hardships that residents experienced. We learned for instance that there is no source of water on the island, and other than rainwater, drinking water is shipped in daily from Naples. There is also a desalinization plant.

Stromboli on Fire

Stromboli on Fire

Of course the only way of getting from island to island is by ferry. So at mid day, we boarded our boat which brought us to Panarea, one of the smaller islands where we had free time to explore.
We then boarded another ferry which brought us to Stromboli, famous for its active volcano. We had free time to explore the island before reboarding our boat to experience the Sciara di Fuoco, the nightly explosions of the volcano that appear like fireworks. It’s very dramatic and a must see if you visit the Aeolian Islands.
We returned to Lipari where we had another alfresco dinner with a view.

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