Today our van brought us to the Lipari dock to get our hydrofoil back to Milazzo where our chartered bus was awaiting. We went directly to Gaglio Winery, located neat the Cap of Milazzo, in the town of Oliveri.

Gaglio Nocera

Gaglio Nocera

Our hostess was Marisa Gaglio, whose daughter I had met last year at an Italian trade tasting in Miami. Marissa is an architect who designed the winery, as well as a nearby condo development. After a tour of Oliveri and the winery, we had a nice lunch accompanied by 4 of their wines:

Grillo 2018, pale yellow color, faint citrus aromas with high acidity, a decent value at 8 euros. The wine paired with caponata and a plate of local antipasti, including bruschetta, prosciutto and 3 types of grilled veggies.

Nero d’Avola 2015 DOC Sicilia, a delicious wine, easy drinking, with dark fruit aromas, another value wine at 8 euros, and Esdra Mamertino DOC, 100% Nero d’Avola priced at 16 euros, both which accompanied a main course of rolled beef stuffed with cheese, prosciutto and pistacchio.

We ended with their Nocera IGT Terre Siciliane 2017, with a dark ruby red color, redolent of plums and ripe dark red fruit and violets, soft tannins, long lasting taste and unfiltered. Nocera is the local grape and has its distinct profile with an emphasis on acidity.

Our next appointment was supposed to be at the tiny Palari winery on the way to our hotel But owner Salvatore Geraci had called 2 days earlier to say he had to unfortunately cancel our visit. He has a new

Palari Faro

Palari Faro

winery on Etna and the harvest was starting the day we were supposed to visit. But he graciously sent 2, that’s two, cases of wine so we could taste them at the hotel.

We arranged for some simple fare of cheese, ham and bread and opened his Rosso del Soprano from Etna which was a blend of Nerello Mascalese and several additional grapes, which had a similar composition to his outstanding Faro, which consistently gets Tre Bicchieri awards every year. Salvatore is a master blender and does a masterful job of incorporating the other grapes into the Faro. It was a fabulous wine from all angles, complex nose and silky tannins with a long after finish.

This was a very fitting conclusion to our first excursion to the Aeolian Islands. There were ample opportunities for miscues but happily a lot of planning and verifying made a smooth tour with no glitches.

Would I return to the Aeolian Islands? In a flash and so should anyone who has never been there.

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