The Vikings are Coming! Nordic Wines Invade

Climate change is creating some very interesting developments. Wine lovers can now buy wines produced in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. After all, England has been producing stellar sparkling wines that can rival Champagne. If England can do it, why not countries further north? Last year temperatures reached 100F in Norway which burned some of the grapes. Warmer temperatures in traditional wine regions have already raised concerns for white and dessert wines which need high acidity to balance the sweetness.

Enter the Nordic countries with their mineral rich soils and cool weather and voilà- you have the base for producing good wines.

One such winery  near Stockholm has already won gold medals in international contests for its white and dessert wines. Blaxta Estate has planted over 5,000 vines, 90% of which is Vidal and the rest Chardonnay and Merlot. Blaxta is the only Swedish winery where only Swedish grown grapes are used.

The hot summer and dry autumn plus the 25% more daylight hours all combine to produce fully ripened grapes with a pleasant blance of sugar and acid.

The Chardonnay is aged in oak barrels, Merlot in stainless steel tanks and the Vidal Blanc makes a delicious ice wine. The winery also produces an icewine from Cabernet Franc, an apple ice wine, a rosehip ice wine and a Framboise liqueur.

The estate also offers a hotel with 15 lakeview rooms and a restaurant.

Other wineries of note are Dyrehojgaard in Denmark and Domaine Chant d’Ecole in Belgium.

hotel room at Blaxta Winery

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