Testimonial from a Tour Participant

We do our best to make our tours enjoyable learning experiences and we think we do a pretty good job. But compliments like the one we received below from a Sicily participant inspire us and reinforces that

Our Sicily group at Graci, Mt Etna winery

we have the right formula. So thank you Marcia and Tom for keeping our batteries charged.


Dear Vin:

I want to express our appreciation for all your amazing work during this tour.

Tom and I are very fond of wine and had never been to Sicily this tour seemed like a perfect combination for us.

Since it was our fist time traveling with your group we were unsure of what to expect.

I have to say that we could have never imagined such a wonderful and rewarding experience.

For starters you are one of the nicest, easy going, fun, kind, caring and knowledgeable guide we have encounter in all of our several tours around the globe.

The group made us feel like family, as we have always belonged.

The connection you have with the people traveling with you for 30+ years was a testament of your genuine love for people and for what you do.

The stories you shared about your trips, wife, children and grandchildren embrace us as part of the journey.

And the wine…….

You have chosen the right name for your tour company

Wine lovers you are……

You transformed the art of wine into an interactive experience.
It combined knowledge and experience that together made learning about wine so magical.

We couldn’t thank you enough for such a delightful experience.

We are looking forward to joining other tours in the near future.

All our love and appreciation

Marcia & Tom

P.S. Fell free to share this note.

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