Vin in France with Edouard Hirsinger, Master Chocolatier

Vin (on the left) in France with Edouard Hirsinger, Master Chocolatier

Vin Marottoli, Sr

Founder & President, Wine Lovers Tours

For more than 30 years, Vin, a dedicated wine lover who is fluent in French, Spanish and Italian, has shared his love of food and wine with many fellow wine lovers. He has a Ph.D. in French but has learned more about culture through wine and cuisine than any textbook.

Each tour is personally planned and conducted by Vin Marottoli, Sr. Vin’s philosophy is to focus each tour on one region. Unlike most tours that spend one night in an area and then move on, Vin plans his tours so you can unpack your suitcases. By the time you leave, you have become very familiar with the area since you will have visited a cross-section of life: villages and farms as well as castles and modern facilities; and most importantly you will have met people from the area. Vin’s philosophy in one sentence: “To learn about a culture through its food and wine and to have FUN doing it.”

Wine & Professional Credentials

Vin, an avid wine lover and educator has been actively involved in the wine community since the 1970s. In addition to Wine Lovers Tours, Vin’s professional credentials include:

  • was a former wine columnist for the New Haven Register
  • was a professor of wine at the University of New Haven School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • was owner of the Wine Merchant, a specialty wine store in New Haven, CT
  • founder of the Connecticut Chapter of the internationally recognized wine society: Les Amis Du Vin
  • was a founding board member of Tasters Guild International
  • hosted a weekly radio show “The Wine Expert” for over 10 years on WELI 960AM.
  • was a periodic television guest on local Southern Connecticut news and morning show programs as a wine expert
  • also currently heads Wine Lovers of Connecticut, where he conducts regular wine tastings throughout the year
  • Ph.D in French, followed by post-graduate research in Rouen, France
  • fluent in and a certified former language teacher of French, Italian and Spanish
  • recently certified from the Spanish Tourism Board as Spain360 Expert on Spain