Italy does not really have a signature white wine although there are many great white wines being produced. Wine lovers have generally looked to the northern part of Italy – Friuli or Veneto or even Lombardy. But the time has come to recognize that Southern Italy makes some dynamite white wines.

For the record, the ‘South’ includes Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and Campania. Although some might refer to these areas as ‘arcane,’ a renaissance has taken place, starting 25 years ago in Campania, which we visited again in May 2016. And frankly, all wine lovers should look for wines from these areas the next time they visit their favorite wine shop. Curious which wines and wineries were our favorite from our tour? Check out the “The Top 5 Wines & Wineries of Campania” as voted on by our tour participants.

Our tour this time centered around the Amalfi Coast with its spectacular vistas, but Campania is a vast and diverse region with an interior worth exploring as well. One memorable highlight, an intentional drive on the world-famous coastal road on our way to Marisa Cuomo’s winery. It’s only a road, but what a drive it is: hairpin turns, precipitous cliffs, breathtaking views – but it’s best to go as a passenger because as a driver, I assure you that you won’t take your eyes off the road. Our return home to Salerno via private boat along the Amalfi coast was equally spectacular.

You can view our live daily blogs and full photo gallery from Campania below.

Ideas for your own visit

While you may not have been able to join us on this tour, be sure to take a look at some the wonderful visits we had. You can download our itinerary, read our live daily blogs in Campania and see some great photos below to keep some of the ideas for a visit on your own in the future.

  • Driving the famous winding roads on our way to Marisa Cuomo’s winery
  • Returning home by private boat ride along the coast
  • Tasting wines high above the clouds in Ischia and Furore
  • Visit to the impressive Greco-Roman ruins of Paestum
  • Visit, tasting paired and lunch with the wonderful, Silvia Imparato of Azienda Montevetrano
  • See our live daily blogs and photos below for much more!

Where we stayed on this wine tour

Our Daily Live Blogs from Campania

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